Locuri Sfinte din România

The European road connecting Suceava to Putna meets the river of Pătrăuceanca when entering the village of Pătrăuţi. This hardworking river has been digging the soil of the Plateau of Dragomirna for thousands of years. At Pătrăuţi the tributaries of the Pătrăuceanca dug deep valleys and revealed spectacular hills among them. The most harmoniums church built by Stephen the Great has adorned the flat expanse of land between Pârâul Popii (the Priest’s River) and Pârâul Ţiganului (the Gypsy’s River) for more than 520 years. Built to serve a small convent, the church was not used for over 160 years and was saved by Bishop Calistru in the 18th century. Since that time the church has been protected by the villagers, who built their houses around it. 163-Patrauti-sud-vest